China ecological environment big data platform will be built in 5 years

February 1, 2016

China Environment News

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Chen Jining chaired the executive meeting of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, deliberated and approved the principle of "overall plan of ecological environment big data construction", "implementation assessment measures for water pollution prevention action plan (Trial)”

By Wang Kunting

Minister Chen Jining chaired the executive meeting of the Ministry of Environmental Protection in Beijing on Jan. 29th, deliberated and approved in principle the “overall plan of ecological environment big data construction”, “implementation assessment measures for water pollution prevention action plan (Trial)”.

Over the meeting, it was agreed that the CPC Central Committee and the State Council attached great importance to the status and role of big data in promoting ecological civilization construction, and have put forward clear requirements of the construction and application of big data on ecological environment. However, in current big data construction and operation, several problems have shown up, such as decentralization of infrastructure and system construction, low level of information resources development and utilization, weak comprehensive support and public service ability. Thus, there is an urgent need for taking the construction of ecological environmental big data as an important task to promote environmental governance system and governance modernization.

During the meeting, the “overall plan of ecological environment big data construction” was approved in principal. The “overall plan” clearly determines the guiding ideology and objectives of ecological environment big data construction. It stressed the need to improve environment quality as the core, to unify infrastructure construction, to centralize data resources management, to promote system integration & interconnection and data open & sharing, to boost business collaboration, to improve standard system and data security system, and through five years of efforts to basically complete big data application platform, management platform and environmental big data cloud platform. The goal is to achieve scientific & comprehensive ecological environment decision-making, precise regulation & supervision and convenient public service. The "overall plan" also describes specific provision on safeguard and work arrangement of the construction of ecological environment big data.

Each department was required on the meeting to effectively enhance the sense of urgency of constructing ecological environmental big data and intensify the efforts of promotion without any delay and backsliding. Each department should give full play of enthusiasm and the initiative, elaborately complete top-level design and promote integration and sharing of data resources to provide strong support for improving ecological environment.

It was also agreed during the meeting that formulating “implementation assessment measures for water pollution prevention action plan” is very necessary to strictly fulfill water pollution prevention and control responsibility, strengthen supervision and management, accelerate water quality improvement and assess the implementation of “water pollution prevention and control action plan” by provincial government. The "assessment measures" clearly describes the contents of the assessment and scope of application, principles, indicators, methods, organizational forms, steps, time arrangements and the application of assessment results. It was decided that the “implementation assessment measures for water pollution prevention action plan (Trial)” be submitted to the State Council for approval after further revision.

The review comments of environmental impact assessment of Chengdu new airport construction project was discussed and approved.

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