Green Belt and Road Requires 4 Major Tasks

May 8th, 2017

MEP, MFA, NDRC and MOFCOM jointly issued the Guideline on Promoting Green Belt and Road" recently. The Guideline pointed out that to further strengthen ecological civilization concept in construction of B&R, to promote green development, to strengthen ecological environmental protection and to jointly building a green silk road, the main tasks include:

1. Service the concept of connectivity, promote green development, ensure ecological environmental safety

We should highlight the concept of ecological civilization, strengthen policy coordination of ecological environmental protection, and promote people-to-people bond. We should do basic work, improve the layout of production capacity and prevent ecological environmental risks; we should boost the construction of green infrastructure and strengthen ecological environment quality assurance; we should promote the development of green trade, and encourage sustainable production and consumption; we should strengthen environmental management of foreign investment and promote the development of the green financial system.

2. Promote the construction of green cooperation platform, provide comprehensive support and service

We should strengthen the construction of cooperation mechanisms and platforms for environmental protection, and improve international environmental governance system; We should strengthen cooperation in ecological environmental protection standards and scientific & technological innovation, to guide green development; We should promote environmental protection information sharing and openness, and provide comprehensive information support and safeguard.

3. Formulated and improve policies and measures, strengthen overall planning of enterprises and safeguard the implementation effect

We should increase the support for foreign assistance and promote the implementation of green projects; the green guidelines for enterprises should be promoted, and we should also encourage enterprises to adopt voluntary measures; the overall planning of government enterprises should be strengthened, and the major role of enterprises should be fully played.

4. Give full play to local advantages, strengthen capacity building and promote projects implementation

We should give full play to local advantages and clearly set cooperation area and direction; We should increase coordination and support, strengthen environmental protection capacity building.

Moreover, the Guideline pointed out that the organizational security capability will be improved through the promotion of organization and coordination, strengthening financial support and the construction of talent team.

Source: Ministry of Environmental Protection of People’s Republic of China

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